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Audit Executive Mentoring


Practice advisory from an experienced audit executive

Optimizing the Effectiveness of Internal Auditing


Block A | Short videos

HUMAN SKILLS and META-COMPETENCIES: Internal Audit Positioning / Relationships

A1 Moments of Truth in an Auditor’s Life https://youtu.be/Jc-0sKYyJ8A

A2 Three Types of Internal Auditors https://youtu.be/UZyLbWTmGvU

A3 SUCCESs – Make Internal Audit Stick https://youtu.be/OjdZF7bcId8

A4 Self-Images of Internal Auditors: From Police to Agent of Change https://youtu.be/svLutZ6a9To


Block B | Short videos

FIELDWORK and METHODOLOGY: Internal Audit Processes / Decision making / Value

B1 The Audit Cycle https://youtu.be/3tehBS71hl8

B2 Internal Audit Function Characteristics: Sorting the Wheat from the Chaff  https://youtu.be/nHotMY6kgi8

B3 WRAPS - How to Make Better Decisions https://youtu.be/AqWZq9-YID0

B4 Value of Internal Audit https://youtu.be/4LNEC3pl7NU